I am a student in the United Kingdom studying computer science at university. I mainly enjoy building web services and have some interest in cybersecurity, though most of my programming experience is in Java. Most of my public projects have something to do with Minecraft, as it was through that game where I really got into programming and computer science.

I also have an interest in physics, specifically astronomy. Had I not chosen to study computer science, I would have likely studied physics instead.


Most of my large projects are related to Minecraft. A lot of other projects aren't listed here simply because they aren't significant enough, and/or because I can't waffle on about them for long enough to fill a whole subsection.


Source code available at LMBishop/Quests

Quests enables Minecraft server owners to create goals or missions for their players to work towards. It is probably one of my largest projects in terms of both how many people use it and the time I've spent working on it. As of writing, it is used by approximately 1,200 servers and up to 9,000 players each day. Unfortunately, I lack the time to properly maintain it, but it is still a project which I am mostly pleased with, as it gave me a good bit of experience designing somewhat large Java projects.

The main description page can be found on SpigotMC.

Next bus

Next bus is a small service which returns live bus data based on open telemetry. I wrote it as my nearest bus stop lacked a departure board and I knew that bus timings were openly available online. This was one of my first web projects, and while I admit the the front-end is terrible, it was never designed to look pretty or for anyone but myself to use. This project helped me to both learn the basics of how the web works (...and to also stop turning up late to lessons).

While I have no need for it anymore, it is still accessible at https://leonardobishop.com/~/nextbus/.

This webiste

Source code available at LMBishop/webste

This website was written in TypeScript, and it parses pages written in a markup language and renders it as HTML. I could've simply written these pages as static HTML, but I hate myself so I decided to over-engineer this solution instead.

There are some caveats with this system though, in no particular order:

  • re-rendering pages are a pain after edits
  • files are read from /static/image rather than /pages/file (which breaks the point of the entire namespace system)
  • templates can't transclude other templates
  • the Template namespace is the only transcludable namespace
  • code is a bit wack in places
  • I'm never happy with the visual design
  • I don't actually know what to fill this website with


Source code available at LMBishop/ytlinkerbot

YTLinkerBot is a small reddit bot which automatically crossposts YouTube links to reddit whenever a creator uploads. This bot was originally written in Java, but it is (mostly) in the process of being re-written with NodeJS. This is due to the fact that it constantly hits the YouTube Data API quota, as it works by continously polling YouTube for each registered channel. The new recode will use Google's WebSub service, though the challenge comes with having to automatically manage channel subscriptions for a service which anyone can sign up to, and right now I don't have the time to implement this.

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