AI generated content

Mon Feb 19 2024

Does anybody else get some sort of weird uncomfortable feeling of sadness whenever they see content generated by AI in a normal setting?

As a computer scientist, the advances of AI should really be in my interest, but I can't help but feel hostile towards it. Don't get me wrong, AI technology itself is fascinating and mind-blowing, and I am rather eager to learn and understand it more. But, when it comes to AI generated content, my feelings towards it are a bit more hesitant.

As cool as it is, it seems like the only lasting effects this tech has brought are only malicious ones. It saddens me when I see tutorials on YouTube appear on my recommended feed on how to create "faceless" channels, i.e. completely automate the process of script writing, audio generation, and video production, straight to YouTube, with zero human interaction required. Of course, these people are only motivated by money, but you can imagine what a person whose sole motivation is to spread misinformation can do. With OpenAI's recent Sora announcement, it just feels like this issue will only get worse, no matter what 'safeguards' they try to implement.

I think my hostile feelings towards this matter stems from the fact that it all just feels 'dirty'. I don't think it comes from a fear of being replaced, nor do I really believe in any of the 'doomsday' fearmongering around AI. It's really just a deep melancholy that organic human activity is becoming more and more marginalized.

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