Website colophon

This site is created with the goals of making it easy to update, and automating the process of building new version.

Build system

The site is written in both plain HTML and Markdown, with templating done using ejs.

It is automatically built by GitHub Actions, using a static site generator I wrote called panulat (Filipino for 'pen'), and it is published using my own tool scrapbook.

The built HTML files are served off a Hetzner virtual server using using the Nginx web server.


Headers and monospaced text uses Iosevka, a vertically tall monospace font, and the font I use for most systems. Regular text uses Hind, a sans-serif font which allows for greater readability on large bodies of text. Line spacing is set at 1.6x, with the base font size set at 18px.

In the future, I may consider using system fonts instead to reduce size. For now, I have reduced the size of my fonts as much as I can as detailed in my blog post.


The site uses a dark blue-ish background with white text, and a blue theme. These colours mimic the same colours I use for sway on my system.


The site uses a narrow layout for the main body of it, limiting line lengths to roughly 80~100 characters to allow for easier reading. This layout should also lend itself well on mobile devices.

built by panulat v1.2 - Sat, 09 Mar 2024 22:35:11 GMT