Egg fried rice

This recipe is a simple egg fried rice, and should be enough to feed two people as a side, or one on its own.


Measurements are approximate.

I prefer to use petit pois for peas, and find that Jasmine rice works best, however, it can be substituted for any long grain rice. Mixing both light and dark soy sauce gives it both a good flavour and colour - sauce simply marketed as "soy sauce" without light or dark tend to be light, and dark can be omitted if necessary.


  1. Crack both eggs in a bowl and beat together
  2. Put rice in a bowl and break apart using a spatula / spoon
  3. Slice spring onions (if using)


  1. Heat vegetable oil in a wok (or frying pan) on high heat.
  2. Slowly add egg mixture, stirring through to create long ribbons of scrambled egg.
  3. When eggs are mostly cooked, add frozen peas. Also add white part of spring onions (if using). Stir through constantly.
  4. When peas have warmed through, add in Jasmine rice, breaking it apart and flattening it against the wok. Leave alone for 15 seconds to give it a char flavour.
  5. Add a splash of light and dark soy sauce, and a pinch of MSG, white pepper, and a dash of sesame oil (if using either). Depending on your soy sauce, you may need an additional pinch of salt.
  6. Toss until soy sauce has been completely absorbed. If there are clumps making it difficult to toss, break them apart.
  7. Once no clumps remain, and the rice starts to toast, garnish with the remainder of the spring onions. Serve immediately.

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