This page details the software and hardware that I currently use.


Most my hardware is old stuff which I haven't yet found the need to replace.


Personal laptop

Aside from the battery life, this laptop is great. I think it would have been better without a high DPI screen.

Work laptop

I was issued this laptop for work and I hate it, but unfortunately it is one of the computers I use the most.

Old computers

Previous personal laptop

  • M1 Macbook Pro
  • 16GB of memory
  • 256GB of storage

I bought this laptop for university and it works great. The M1 chip is fast, and the battery life is ridiculous. Unfortunately, macOS is terrible, but the Asahi Linux team are doing a stellar job at getting Linux to work on Apple Silicon, so I have been using that instead.

I have been eyeing up the Framework laptop for a while now, but I haven't found an excuse yet to fork out £1000+ for a new laptop. Edit: I have now bought the laptop 👀


  • AMD Ryzen 2600x
  • 32GB of memory
  • Nvidia GTX 1060
  • ~1.5TB of storage

I built this PC about 6 years ago (~2017) and has served me well. Since buying my Framework, I don't really have much use for it anymore.


For audio, I use Sennheiser HD 599 open back headphones. I have previously used the Samson SR850 semi-open back headphones, and considered the HD 599's as an upgrade, given I have had two SR850's break on me now.

I've used a Blue Snowball microphone since at least 2016, if not longer. Unlike the headphones, I still have the same one I got seven years ago and it still works great. I have, however, been eyeing up an Antlion ModMic for a while now to save on desk space, as even with a boom arm the Snowball can get a little annoying.

My mouse and keyboard are both from Razer from when I was a Gamer™. I've used a BlackWidow X Chroma keyboard (Razer Green switches, which are equivalent to CHERRY Mx Blue) since around 2018, and a DeathAdder Chroma/V2 mouse since the time I got my microphone. I did have to replace the old DeathAdder Chroma with the V2 this year (2023) as the scroll wheel button stopped working, but other than that they have both worked perfectly fine.

My only issue with Razer is that their software is shit, and I also cannot use it to configure my LEDs on Linux.


Fastfetch, current since 2024

I use Arch Linux (btw) with Hyprland.

If you're interested in my configurations, you can check out my dotfiles.

Text-based programs

I use my own prompt for zsh, with plugins exposing git status.

Graphical programs

For my sway config, terminal, and most editors, I use the Iosevka font. For editors which support it, I use a vim plugin as well. In VSCode, I've found that vscode-neovim works a lot better than VSCodeVim.


Unfortunately my work-issued laptop is macOS and has the usual security restrictions in place, which can be very frustrating. I could go on for ages about everything I hate in macOS, but to highlight a few:

To make my experience a bit more bearable, I use the following programs on macOS:

Yabai does a somewhat okay job at emulating a traditional tiling window manager, but it's clear that macOS isn't made for it, and it's abilities are rather limited without root access. Some issues include windows refusing to resize properly, poor workspaces management, and the stupid animations (I really really hate them).

I use the same editors and dotfiles as I do on my Linux machines.

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